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Code Violation Report$25.00Varies
Open Permit $35.00Varies
Water / Sewer$24.00Varies
Zoning Code Letter$50.00Varies
Additional items can be selected by checking the boxes below. Please call for quotes on municipality costs.
 Item DescriptionService FeeMunicipality Cost
Tangible Property Taxes$20.00Varies
Department of Regulatory & Economic Resources Letter. Available for Miami-Dade County only.$20.00$250.00
Information on Redeemed Tax Certificates$15.00Varies
Lien Payoff ONLY (Please attach a copy of the lien needing a payoff.)$50.00Varies
Informal Lot Clearing and Minimum Housing. Available for Miami-Dade County only.$50.00Varies
Miami-Dade DERM letter$20.00Varies
Zoning Letter Verification$50.00Varies
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